PM 101: badgers never win

Little tip, no matter how much you try and how hard you want it, as a PM you should always avoid the constant badgering of your team or resources attached to your team, to deliver ‘product’.

it never works,  when I was on the other side of the line writing code and being ‘the resource’  I often encountered tow types of PM, the ‘badgers (?)’ and the guy / girl who knew how to get the best from their team, the ‘badgers’ task where always at the bottom of the list, same is true now I am the guy.

  • Trust your team
  • Set up your communication lines and trust them
  • Ask yourself who is this meeting benefiting, me or the project *before* you call it.
  • And leave the guys alone..

*caveat this assumes you have a team of competent staff, if this is not the case adjust your communication lines and project protocols according ;)

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