Tailoring Prince2

At the risk of seeming obsessive, I’d like to touch on one of the major issues I feel that Prince2 still has in its education program and thus its application in the ‘real world’.  It comes in part from the distinction, real or perceived between the real working environment and the classroom (or Prince2 environment).

The course runs for 5 days well 4 and a half and there are two exams in that.  During the classroom sessions you go through the methodology in full and that’s good, you need to so that you understand the how the Process, Themes and Principles work together properly.  However most, if any projects that the candidates run will never use the entire Prince2 process in full.  To their credit, the change on 2009 made allowances and put more focus on embedding and tailoring the methodology, but it’s not really covered in the course.  As a result there is a separation between the application of Prince2 and the classroom. Candidates are cut loose after taking the course and expected to tailor the methodology without it ever being shown how.

This is where the Prince2 process falls over, the result can only lead to badly tailored projects that use some of the principles or use the methodology incorrectly breaking the processes to suit the needs of the project, this may work with varying degrees of success but it’s little wonder that there is some confusion, even ridicule for Prince2, which is a perfectly valid methodology, when two companies’ can have a completely different idea of what Prince2 actually is.

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