The trouble with Facebook

phones walking
Well lets be honest, with all social media….. is you.

Yes you…and me, in fact all of us, it us that is turning social media, crap.

And society is going right down with it.

Look around next time you are walk to the office, how many people can you see aimlessly walking, head down staring at they portable computer (phone to you, not that making calls is in any way an important factor in ‘Phone’ design these days.

All these people, scared to put their device down in case they miss the next installment of failed cat leaping videos, which lets be honest are funny as hell.

Kids (and grown ups) all measuring their popularity on the number of likes they can get, going out of their way to produce ‘funny’ or popular content so that they can gain ‘internet’ stardom for a second or two. There are even places in china Chongqing to be precise where they have lanes, on the pavement (sidewalk for you americans) where they divide phone users from none phone users. Yes this is meant more as a social commentary than a serious effort in traffic management but still …

Pulling ‘Pranks’ that in any other world would be condemned as racist, antisocial, cruel or just plain asking for a kicking, but its ok…its a prank…tip, if your pranks result in the guy who’s car you just sat in and insulted, pulling a gun on you..yelling “its a prank its a prank” is no justification. he shoots you, your fault. You asked for it.

What happened to people being good to each other, even talking to each other.
what happened to having friends that you talked to, face to face, with your mouth..looking into their eyes (no that’s not a come on) ..interacting

Social media is great,dont get me wrong, but its not all things, paraphrasing Broderick Hunter being famous online is like being rich in Monopoly, it looks good but isn’t work crap when the shit hits the fan.

Get your head out of your phone every once in a while and you may just see something amazing in your own neighborhood, just don’t feel obliged to Snapchat it all the time, ok ?

Now if you could share this, i haven’t been feeling the love lately ;)

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