An open letter to the local Green Councillor Deborah Joffe , Mayor George Ferguson and the Bristol City Council

Dear Councillor Joffe (not deb or Debs please, youre councillor have some respect for the office)

I recently received the latest Green newsletter through the mail box I thought it would be interesting to evaluate one particular comment that caught my eye.

In your newsletter, you ask the question, Residents Parking for Windmill Hill?, your rationale for this query is …and I quote

Now that the resident parking scheme is set to operate in Bedminster more commuters are likely to use Windmill Hill and Totterdown streets to park. This will be even more acute when the Arena is opened, one way is to limit this is to have our own RPS. If you support this idea please email ..

Now, lets dissect this in a little more detail, (bare with me this may take a while)

You say:

Now that the resident parking scheme is set to operate in Bedminster

The RPS has been forced on residents, against their will and without democratic recourse, our Mayor made no mention of his plans to unilaterally tax Bristol residents in this way when he was running his election campaign and refuses to listen to or even engage with anyone who disagrees with this ‘green’ policy. So green in fact that since the RPS and the equally unwanted or needed blanket 20mph zones implemented by Mayor Ferguson and yourselves, congestion in Bristol has increased resulting in even more pollution. Do you not think it would go some way to repair the deep seated mistrust the public in Bristol have in the council and be honest, this is a revenue generation exercise nothing less.

This is our first clue that you have failed ot appreciate the principles of the democratic process, but lets continue. This line should read:

“now that the surrounding areas have been forced to have RPS against their will”

You then state:

more commuters are likely to use Windmill Hill and Totterdown streets to park.

So, you now seem to be acknowledge that the introduction of the RPS is likely to cause parking issues in the Windmill Hill area that currently does NOT have a problem. And that the policies of this council would then be directly linked to any parking issue in Windmill Hill. Good we agree on something.

then we get:

This will be even more acute when the Arena is opened,

OK, so the Arena, which I still in consultation as far as I am aware, and has been deliberately been designed to NOT accommodate road users because there ‘many parking structures in the local area’ is also likely to create ‘parking chaos’ in the Windmill Hill area. Is that your point ?

The arena seems to have been proposed on the assumption that public transport (local joke there) will be able to support the visitors, along with the idea that people will cycle to the arena or walk in (past the Mayors nice new pub I imagine, how fortunate).

I assume that the feasibility studies to test this assumption will be made public along with the agreement with the private, profit making companies that run the public transport infrastructure in Bristol saying they will not increase costs to ‘take into account the additional strain on the system during events’, not that First Great Western would do such a thing, no not them.

However, back to your original note, what you are actually saying :

Bristol city council have implemented parking controls in the surrounding area against the will of local residents, and have approved a design for an arena in the city that has no provision for parking, and this is being used to justify the potential (or actual according to our mayor) implementation of further RPS outside of this catchment area and in a community that has no problem to solve.

May I then ask, will the permits for the residents of Windmill hill, that do not have a parking issue, and will only ever have a problem as a result of council policy, be free. paid for by the council, permanently ?
Thought not.

Finally you say:

If you support this idea please email ..

So you ONLY WANT TO HEAR FROM PEOPLE WHO AGREE WITH YOU? you do get the idea of democracy right?

Not only are you hopelessly out of touch with the public, but your policies creating problems for the local community that you then are using to further tax the residents of Bristol.

You along with a mayor who fails to engage with anyone who disagrees with him, Show a blatant disregard for your office and the democratic process you are supposed to uphold.

I look forward to any commentary on these continued attacks on the people of Bristol but expect to hear silence, prove me wrong.

Yours democratically

John Morse

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One response on “An open letter to the local Green Councillor Deborah Joffe , Mayor George Ferguson and the Bristol City Council

  1. A holland

    The RPZ is not wanted by the majority of people who live in central Bristol. The real problem is the inefficient and expensive public transport system which encourages commuters to drive into these areas. The changes that need to be made are to provide a good network of transport and then no one will want or need to drive to work. Of course you are reluctant to do that as you will have to spend money rather than raise it. This is the farcical green capital, full of hypocracy, creating and encouraging more pollution when you should be trying to reduce it. Bristol city council are sneaking in parking changes without proper consultation and/or generally ignoring the overwhelming results of the consultations they have made. You are creating parking problems where there are none so that people start to struggle to park and then will bow to your will and accept the Rpz. This is about to happen in St werburghs and will seriously affect everyone who lives here and put people at risk by forcing them to park further from their homes in areas that are not safe to walk at night. For every mugging and attack you will have to hold in your conscience. I hope you can sleep at night. Also for entertaining a power generating plant that has never been tried before in an area that has high levels of pollution already and next to a school, you are willing to increase pollution, again these things will be on your conscience later. You are all elected, that means we voted for you and we can vote you out. Have proper respect for your voters and listen to them or you will find your political careers very short.

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