For a few years now at this time of year, I have written down the plans for the coming year, last year was no different. 2014 ended in turmoil and i was determined to do better in 2015. Yeah that went well.

During a year that got progressively worse the highlight of my hear was starting a new job with awesome people that, thus far, I am thoroughly enjoying.

As 2016 approaches I find myself a year older, a year wiser and yet, still in much the same place, emotionally, personally and literally.

Needless to say, staying in one place is not best. I have tried to move forward and indeed have made steps but it’s simply not enough.

So rather than make another list of fruitless ‘resolutions’ that are dependant on elements outside of my control, I propose another path.

In 2016 I resolve to love, myself firstly then who knows, to be honest with others, to take risks and to simply try harder. If I feel something, I need to express that feeling, If I cannot love myself I cannot expect others to do so.

These simple things I resolve to do in 2016, whatever else may happen will happen but there is too much wrapped up in this 5’7″ bundle of joy to let it all go to waste.

#Fuck2015 #Own2016

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