Bye Bye Farcebook, hello facebook

So every once in a while you need to start fresh, clean out the cupboards and throw out things you don’t need anymore.

Like those those phone cables you hoard in the cupboard or those shoes you never wear…ok maybe not the shoes but you get the gist.

Its like that with Farcebook, after a while your profile gets cluttered with at the crap from years gone by and you just have to throw it all out and start again.

sure you can clear out the existing one but there’s all that *you unfriended me crap’ and you know what, its hard work. So we get to the part where we set up a new profile.

I’m slowly getting around to invite those that actually add something meaningful to the day, its actually harder than i thought but I’ve started now..

So if / when you get an invite, no I’ve not been hacked, I like you and want to keep you around, you’re kinda cute, or funny or interesting or just, well, nice.

Bare with me, its tricky but here we go

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