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I hear a rumour on the street that life is hard, no its true, its all over my Facebook feed, my Twitter feed and indeed in my life…its hard, right…

Well no…it’s not

Life isn’t hard, we make it hard,
If you want a simpler life, stop making it hard.
You want respect, earn it
Want people to treat you right, treat them right
Want to have people be there for you, be there for them
Want people to like you, be there for others
Want to be popular, be honest and open
Want someone who doesn’t treat you unfairly, treat others fairly..
Want success, work for it
you get the drift..

Like isn’t hard, we make it hard,

Just don’t be a dick and go on from there…

Well, we’re off again

So after two and a half years at Felinesoft, its time to move on, and i am now the Innovation and Technology Development Manager at Lifetime Training. The usual ‘it was so hard to decide to leave, blah’ is actually, in this instance true. I thought long and hard about the people and clients i would no longer be working with not least those at Communicator World and LesMills, as well as those in my team. But sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and move on to other things. So I did

Those that know me well will know that this seems to be a great fit for my interests, and thus far the people I have met have been great. The challenge will be to pull all the areas together…

Week one done, lets see where we go from here,

Change is afterall the seed of growth, so bring it on ;)

When i lay next to you sleeping
when i hold you close to me
when i hold you tight, safekeeping
my love will always be

thats when i know that im alive

When you call my name with laughter
when you hold my hand so tight
when you tell me ever after
you be there every night

thats when i know that im alive

But ever since you passing
since the cold took hold inside
the darkeness ever lasting
the fear i cannot hide


How i wish i were alive

i wish i had bought you flowers
and showered you from above
i wish i’d told you daily
the value of your love

i wish we’d both gone dancing
together in the rain
we should have gone to paris
and boated down the Sein

i should have had seen it sooner
the sadness in your eyes
i should have held you closer
and spared you all the lies

but now you’ve lost the sparkle
no passion left to see
your heart has grown indifferent
you’ve lost your love for me

but even in this darkness
the pain that hurts inside
you still remain my focus
you’re why i stay alive

your eyes still calm my fever
your voice still skips my heart
i thought we’d be forever
id thought we’d never part

i wish i’d made you smile more
smothered you with love
you still remain my princess
my magic from above

your voice still sounds like music
eyes like sparkling pools
your smile remains my sunlight
your laughter, drops like jewels

we should have been forever
grown old and never part
but know ill always love you
forever in my heart

i wish i could go backwards
and stop the pain inside
i wish id never hurt you
never made you cry

so know ill always love you
you’ll always be my girl
and maybe one day somewhere
you’ll come back into my world

your eyes are light starlight
the moon in your hair
your smile is my sunshine
ill always be there
your embrace it soothes me
it fills me with love
your kisses like honey
a gift from above
ill love you forever
you complete my soul
without you im empty
your love is my goal

Anyone can write user stories. It’s the product owner’s responsibility to make sure a product backlog of agile user stories exists, but that doesn’t mean that the product owner is the one who writes them. Over the course of a good agile project, you should expect to have user story examples written by each team member.

Also, note that who writes a user story is far less important than who is involved in the discussions of it.

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Tunnel vision

How you perceive a problem, does in part, define how you come up with a solution.

I had need to have a new door out in, i called two people, one a builder, one a carpenter.  you see the door frame was smaller than the regular door size hence the need to …rework the solution.

The builder took measurements, checked the walls and declared that he needed to cut a section out of the wall, fis the skirting, add a lintel (maybe) …hundreds of pounds,

The carpenter simply planned the door to fit.

One saw the problem as the frame being too small, the other the door too small…

Tunnel vision can be a bitch, can’t it ..

Gantt charts

<project geek alert>

Sorry all But I need to get this off my chest


Is a gantt chart or timeline,

It is NOT a project plan

It is almost certainly wrong and out of date the second the author clicked save and in no way means that this project will be delivered to this timeline, no timeline or indeed plan or project methodology ever does

It will change

It already has, in the time it takes to read this post all of your gantts, plans and user tasks have changed, thats life but please for the love of all things stop calling a gantt chart  it plan, its not

Thanks…and sorry

<end project geek alert>



Plotting Google map points

Question asked by a buddy of mine on how to create map points for his ‘Inclusion for All work’, a worthy cause so here you go

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “My Places” (you may be prompted to log in to your Google account here).
  3. Click the red button labeled “Create New Map”.
  4. Give your map a title and description, then click “Save”.
  5. Zoom in to the rough area you wish to pinpoint.
  6. Click the blue tear drop icon located in the top right of the map screen. This is called the “Add a Place mark” tool.
  7. Your cursor will change into a place mark icon with the “X” crosshairs when you hover over the map now. The crosshairs indicate where the place mark will fall. Click to drop your place mark and then follow the onscreen instructions to save it.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each location you wish to plot.

see for more Inclusion for All and the work they do…