Better is good, Good is better

It’s not a hack, its a creative solution which is unorthodox in its approach

As a social experiment (and because i had to reset my phone) i decided not to put any social networking applications on it. I see people everyday, walking around so engrossed on the little world in their hand that they forget that there is a real world with real walking talking people in, all aroundRead more »

Be inspired by your peers, but don’t measure yourself against them.

Found this trending, its firmly tongue in cheek and the language is pretty strong HOWEVER the message,…still relevant

Youth and  the internet We all hear the parents of gifted youth excitedly telling everyone who will listen how their marvelous child already knows how to use the family Ipad,  born in to the technology age their parents are amazed that their toddlers know more than they,  isn’t it wonderful, talented children already ahead ofRead more »

When I told my Mom I was running this Tough Mudder race, her first response was..what did you call me ? Once I explained to her what Tough Mudder was, she, like my boy asked simply why? Aside from the charity thing, which i admit is not the primary reason the ‘Why’ is both simple andRead more »

So in a fit of abject stupidity,  and after being bullied by my old buddy James Stammer from Synergi fitness, I have agreed to run the Tough Mudder race in September of 2013. For those not familiar, Tough Mudder is a gentle jaunt through various terrain ranging from mud, more mud and underwater, inter-spaced with variousRead more »

Adaptive vs. Responsive, what’s the difference?

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