Found this trending, its firmly tongue in cheek and the language is pretty strong HOWEVER the message,…still relevant

I picked this up on twitter and immeadiately felt the need to repost, very very good, for more information go to :

(With respects to Aarawak for messing with  their tag line) I’ve been thinking recently about the role of documents in an organisations process,  and the slowly dawning realisation that they are increasingly irrelevant, barriers to information sharing, and possibly damaging to all that come near them. Ok that may be a little strong, but letRead more »

The following article first appeared in Public Sector Executive in August of 2008,  I revisited the article to see how relevant it is today and whether progress had been made in the subsequent years.  The first thing i notice it the lack of references to social web and participatory culture of the web, IRead more »

Information is indeed power When a child is young, she happily wanders around her world, unaware of the dangers she faces or how to avoid them. She relies on her parents, her instincts and as she gets older, her experiences to guide her and help her learn what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s safe andRead more »

Reading Robert Scoble ‘s friend feed conversation list, he posted a notice that got some traffic regarding the use of twitter as a conversations tool His argument was that twitter was not and should not be used as a tool for conversations, but more for ‘announcements’. Now his argument is not without merit, if youRead more »

Many websites will go to significant lengths to mage sure that their navigation is put grouped in a meaningful and logical way, (not always logical to the user but logical none the less) Others however just don’t get it. Amazon, a huge success story and still my favourite online retailer, is on my opinion guiltyRead more »