As a social experiment (and because i had to reset my phone) i decided not to put any social networking applications on it. I see people everyday, walking around so engrossed on the little world in their hand that they forget that there is a real world with real walking talking people in, all aroundRead more »

Youth and  the internet We all hear the parents of gifted youth excitedly telling everyone who will listen how their marvelous child already knows how to use the family Ipad,  born in to the technology age their parents are amazed that their toddlers know more than they,  isn’t it wonderful, talented children already ahead ofRead more »

Hands up if you have a Facebook account, (or for that matter twitter or Google or another ‘free’ service) now hands up if you were one of the throng that howled with pain when Facebook changed its interface or bought Instagram or did anything else that you felt affronted by as a user, a customer.Read more »

Reading Robert Scoble ‘s friend feed conversation list, he posted a notice that got some traffic regarding the use of twitter as a conversations tool His argument was that twitter was not and should not be used as a tool for conversations, but more for ‘announcements’. Now his argument is not without merit, if youRead more »

In a recent discussion / interview with a member of the Eduserv research group (previously known as (Eduserv foundation) which focused on a study soon to be proposed into CSM and HEI, I was asked to define the ‘user requirements’ for content management system project. Users.., what are ‘users’ when discussing CMS requirements, and areRead more »