About me

I work as an  project manager at a small fast moving agile software house called FelineSoft (link removed by request) right in the heart of Bristol UK. Working on projects that can range from Facebook pages and banner ads to bespoke software and business integration systems…its never dull.

My interests revolve around emerging technologies in the web, I have been using and working on web based solutions since there was a web, being exposed to the early Mozilla revolution early in my university career.

I blog (obviously) twitter (yes my profile is protected by I generally accept follow requests, unless you spam a lot or are trying to sell me insurance or ‘big man pills’) and i also have a public feed, or you can check out my linkedin profile, posterous site and flikr feed.

Having started out life as a developer, then team leader and technical lead on a number of large contracts I moved in to project management gaining my Prince 2 (practitioner) certification and Certified Scrum Master along the way. I have also worked as an Information Architect,  and web consultant and now acutely interested in Agile methodologies for management and delivery of projects.

I still feel the need to grow and develop, professional development is extremely important to me and I need new experiences and challenges to keep me interested in what I do.

I am passionate about content, its accessibility, is ease of use, how it’s presented, managed and used by the end user and also the content creator. I also do web, its evolution, its technologies it use and development through use.

I run (mostly up steps, with a weight vest), Lift, Crossfit and occasional (American) Football coach.

I can be a bit random, but you’ll get used to me

see my resume for more ‘structure’ 😉


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