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It’s not a hack, its a creative solution which is unorthodox in its approach

Living in the real world

As a social experiment (and because i had to reset my phone) i decided not to put any social networking applications on it.

I see people everyday, walking around so engrossed on the little world in their hand that they forget that there is a real world with real walking talking people in, all around them.

They sit in front of the tv, looking at their phone, they sit in restaurants with friends and love ones, looking at their phone. They eat, pkking at their phone.

So i figure, lets not look at our phone, don’t get me wrong i still have SN on my laptops and tablet, but my ill not be a 24/7 to my SN profiles, let see how this goes.

Be inspired by your peers, but don’t measure yourself against them.

Youth and the internet

Youth and  the internet

We all hear the parents of gifted youth excitedly telling everyone who will listen how their marvelous child already knows how to use the family Ipad,  born in to the technology age their parents are amazed that their toddlers know more than they,  isn’t it wonderful, talented children already ahead of the curve.

And yet we also here how kids get lost in the technology wrong, a teens foolish tweets lose her the job of youth crime commissioner fake ids luring children out to who knows where, the dubious  sexting and almost as disturbing ‘ selfie’ habit.

I’m a parent who is a more than a little clued up on the tech, the web and this brave new world, and guys let me assure you your little darlings don’t have a clue.  Worse, you know less.

Sure they know what buttons to press, they know which app does what and how to use it, but are you sure they are aware how they use their knew toys. take a look around, the evidence is against it.

Don’t be glib, explain to your kids that the internet is not a playground, its a tool and like any other it has a cutting edge, educate yourself so that you may educate others and learn the tools that are out there so that you can protect what is yours.


Why Tough Mudder ?

When I told my Mom I was running this Tough Mudder race, her first response was..what did you call me ?

Once I explained to her what Tough Mudder was, she, like my boy asked simply why?

Aside from the charity thing, which i admit is not the primary reason the ‘Why’ is both simple and complicated.

I’m running this race because when i talk to people about it they say why?

And at 45  (as i will be when this race takes place) I refuse to become ‘that’ guy, I refuse to walk away from a challenge because I’m not as young as I was.  I stopped playing football because I could no longer compete, but I didn’t stop living.  If the past year or so has taught me anything its that quitting gets you no where.

  • I intend to run this race because life without challenges isn’t life its waiting to die
  • I intend to to run this race because i am going to be in better shape at 45 than I was at 35.
  • I intend to run this race so that I can show my boy that there is nothing you cannot achieve with hard work
  • I will get my ass out of bed and train in the morning
  • I will go home at night and train
  • I will eat right
  • I will lift, row and run until I am ready
  • I will compete

So when i get asked why I am doing this the answer is simple

Because its there

Get off your ass and do something , or sit and watch others, that’s your choice..

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Tough mudder me

tough mudder logo

So in a fit of abject stupidity,  and after being bullied by my old buddy James Stammer from Synergi fitness, I have agreed to run the Tough Mudder race in September of 2013.

For those not familiar, Tough Mudder is a gentle jaunt through various terrain ranging from mud, more mud and underwater, inter-spaced with various gentle obstacles set out by the the course designers who, as far as i can ascertain, are ex special forces and some time lunatics…

Mud, ice, ridiculously high walls and electricity all take their place in the course and for some reason this appealed to me.

The word ‘special’ comes to mind, read into that as you will.

As with all such endeavours ill be killing myself in this madness for charity , help for heroes will benefit this time so i guess that’s all good. In the meantime at least I now have an excuse to go buy some funky new kit…right?

To sponsor this madness click here and fill in the details

need to know more check this out  or even this for the UK version

Watch this space for updates…I may need my head examining.. :)