I am an experienced Project Manager, Information Architect, ISEB certified IT architect, scrum master and team leader with extensive experience in project management, web technologies, content management systems, user experience and information design and architecture.

I have successfully delivered projects with a value of £1m+ using both agile and waterfall methodologies to private and public sector clients. My responsibilities included the overseeing all aspects of the project including financial controls, reporting and requirements analysis. Whilst working on a number of high profile customer projects, I led workshops designed to engage with project stakeholders, both internal and external, the output of which identified the needs of business, customer and user and resulted in the design of effective solutions capable of growing with the organization.

Outside of work I am an active sports coach in Bristol, coaching the senior American football team (Bristol Aztecs / Apache), and all aspects of sports training.

Achievements include;

  • Project manager for a JISC funded cloud infrastructure (IaaS) roll out, we have been commissioned to deliver a service that allows Higher Education Institutions to explore the potential benefits of cloud services. As project manager I am responsible for tracking manpower costs and total expenditure as well as managing and arranged additional resources where needed. The project needs to react to the feedback that we get from the external stakeholders and as such we are required to adapt the roadmap to fulfil their needs as they identify them, all this requires planning, resourcing and has to be reported to internal and external stakeholders as required (September 2011 to present). Budget value £1.2m.
  • Project manager on the roll out for the companies 27001 accreditation program. I am part of 3 person team, my role is to plan and oversee each stage, arrange internal resources to cover additional tasks as identified, make sure all staff receive adequate training and awareness and liaise with external contractors and auditors to make sure necessary preparation is completed prior to gaining certification. I report to senior stakeholders and team leaders on a regular basis identifying risks mitigations and opportunities where appropriate. (September 2011 to present).
  • Scrum master / project manager for a project for the build and deployment of Department of Education’s new CMS driven, multi-faceted site. I was responsible for a team of 6 developers and maintained the scrum / agile methodology making refinements to the process as we identified the need. This required close (daily) contact with the client and third party suppliers who for the duration of the project, moved onsite. As the company is not used to Agile methodologies, I also had to make sure all the existing internal controls mapped on to the projects agile outputs and made sure that all post delivery services were getting the visibility they needed to allow the end products to move into service support on time.  It was also my remit to track costs against the budget for each sprint on a time and materials basis and make sure out internal billing systems were up to date and expenditure mapped to the initial estimates. This involved tracking the budget burn down to make sure there was enough funding to complete each release or communicating any shortfalls / opportunities as soon as they were apparent. (March 2009 – December 2010). Budget value £1m
  • Project for a SharePoint 2007 Implementation for Scottish Enterprise International, working in a team of three including one external contractor we delivered a large MOSS service to deliver their intranet service.
  • Emergency cover for a project redeveloping the NGI web site, I took over at the start of the final testing phase and took it through to final sign off (Dec 2009).
  • Managed a project for the design and deployment of a virtual infrastructure for a development environment for the Department of Education.
  • Project manager for and for the Training Development Agency web site redesign and CMS implementation.(2006)
  • Working streamlining the company PO process to make sure that we are continuously improving our internal processes and making the best of new technologies as they become available.
  • Ran the requirements analysis and specification and design of a SOA schema for large data integration project for the NMSI. (National Science Museum).
  • Designing the information architecture and UI for the NMSI (Science Museum) intranet using Axure Pro.
  • Designed new IA for the structure of the company file system, ran requirements workshops and awareness programs for all company staff.
  • Assist internal business Process reviews as appropriate.

I have also worked on a number of Information Architecture and consultancy projects whilst working for the companies Research and Development Group, during this time I ran requirements and user workshops for customer internal stakeholders and the customers’ external users, and was involved in writing articles for government and public sector publications on usability and accessibility issues facing public sector organisations.

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